Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sarcastic Magic 8 Ball

Pretty much the best thing that has ever been invented. I don't remember anyone calling me for the rights to all my favorite phrases though ....

-In Your Dreams
-Get a Clue
-You've got to be Kidding
-Who Cares
-Yeah, and I'm the Pope!
-Oh, Please
-Yeah Right!

etc, etc, etc ....

For this and many other delightful Christmas gift ideas (these went to my coworkers, so they can have a little piece of me wherever they go), go to www.officeplayground.com

I think I might love that site more than Facebook. Yup. A lot.

Friday, February 25, 2011

David Beckham on The Ellen Degeneres Show

This is one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a long time, I couldn't NOT share it. Besides being entertaining because David Beckham is really pretty, he's also really funny. How he kept a straight face is beyond me!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Catch Up

Yep, world's worst blogger right here. So instead of being a better blogger (I just don't think it'll happen), I'm going to do one big post of the things I haven't mentioned:

-Went to DC with the family in November, which was FANTASTIC. My family is a blast and my parents were the sweetest to take us all on their vacation with them (in celebration of my dad's 50th birthday)

- We got a new dog! Her name is Minnie (her previous owners, big Disney fans, named her after Minnie Mouse, they weren't being ironic - though that would be kind of funny). She's an english mastiff and she's SO sweet! Aside from one bad incident (which we should have expected when we tried to give 2 dogs 1 ham bone and think that they'd share), she and Cali are getting along great. They seem to be having a lot of fun playing during the day because Jay and I come home from work to two exhausted dogs, which is fine with me!

- Harper (the cutest niece ever) turned 1!! We were lucky enough to get to spend her first birthday with her in Utah and it was a blast! I may have gone a little overboard with the gifts (she got more than Jay did between Christmas and her birthday) but it's just too much fun buying cute little presents and watching her open them. I just can't get enough of that little girl!

- Jay was AWESOME and had a new stereo and sub installed in my car for my 25th birthday. And yes, the first thing I played in it was Eminem so I was that weird preppy girl driving down the street blasting music with lots of bass in my Hyundai Elantra. Oh well. I enjoyed my new system for a grand total of 2 days before I did this:

- Not the best way to celebrate, I know. I rear ended a car on the freeway (someone a couple cars ahead was cut off so we all slammed on our breaks and I hit a truck). I'm not injured, was able to drive my car home (with the air bag light on-made me nervous) so it could have been worse, but if you're looking for me around town, you better keep your eyes pealed for my loaner old school Honda Civic with no radio. I'll get my car back in about 10 days so all in all, it's not too bad.

I think that covers most of the major things ... Hopefully I'll get better at blogging regularly but until then ... Sorry?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ugh ...

I just want to officially state on record that I WILL be paying or bribing someone to wrap my Christmas gifts next year because this:

is just not attractive. Bah Humbug.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tear ...

I think I'm behaving like an "I act like my dog is a human" person today.

I understand my dog is a dog and she doesn't have all of the same needs a human child would, but I'm still a little sad to have to leave my puppy child home next week while Jay and I go on vacation to Oregon.

We found her the best possible people to stay with (Mike and Nikki you are GEMS) but ... how could I not feel bad leaving this sweet little face at home?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh My Mona

I could make excuses for not blogging but ... I was just lazy. Moving on.

For a while I've been saving these pictures, fully intending to post about the absolute insanity that is my husband's home town. When Jay and I were dating, he would tell me stories about high school and the "creative" ways they came up with to pass the time due to the lack of things to do in Mona. I thought he was kidding about how tiny this place is.

... he wasn't.

We took a trip out so I could have the "grand tour." It took us about 10 minutes to hit all the high points.

As we exited the freeway, we were greeted by this:

How could I not get excited about a trip that starts with a sign displaying Majestic Mt Nebo? We then drove by the post offices, both new and old. The old building, I don't have a picture of (basically a little one room house that the city used). The new one though ... what a beauty ... and so spacious!

Next we checked out the fire station (also new):

We finished our journey with a stop at the gas station to pick up a refreshing beverage. I, again, though Jay was kidding when he said he would get me a Wild Cherry Pepsi "if they have it." Gas stations in the "big city" of Pleasant Grove where I had lived most recently have every option of beverage and car snack available. Drinks in varying sizes and flavors, fountain and bottle, endless selections of sunflower seeds, jerkey and chips. So when we pulled up to this:

I was a little shocked. I started to believe that Jay was perhaps not kidding and I might have to settle for the root beer that I had considered as a second choice. Too bad Brittany ... Coke, Pepsi (they DID have both diet and regular), Sprite and water are your options in Mona.

I was a little irritated that we made the trip for a diet coke and view of a 20 square foot post office until I saw something so ancient, I would have sworn I hit my head and went back in time:

Yep, old school gas pumps, my friends. People in Mona don't need credit card slots, audio ads playing on digital screens, car wash options or even multiple levels of fuel. They enjoy the chats they have with the gas station owners as they come outside with a screw driver to turn the dial on the gas pump back to zero and take double the hard earned cash that would be paid in an average size city for the base quality fuel available.

That sight made the whole trip worth it. Does it really get any better? No wonder people live in small towns. My eyes have been opened.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael

So it's finally been confirmed ... Michael Jackson is dead. Tragic day. He didn't even get to have his "comeback" tour - he was less than a month away from his first concert. While I was absolutely shocked by the news, is it horrible that the part of the CNN story I dwelled on is the portion that mentions his childrens' names?

"Jackson is the seventh of nine children in a well-known musical family. He has three children, Prince Michael I, Paris and Prince Michael II." Holy crap. Who names ONE of their kids Prince Michael, let alone two? Anyone else find this odd? I almost think it's worse than George Forman naming all of his sons George.

In closing, Megan (my sister - who is pregnant by the way - YAY!), I am officially okay with Lincoln as a name for my future nephew (although I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I get a niece). So long as the child's name does not contain Prince or George, I'm a happy camper.